Watch videotapes on your phone

Magic Memories Box is the best choice for transferring your home videos and photos to digital.

Family gathers together to watch videos transfered to digital on a tablet.
Looking at photographic prints before transfering to digital.
Parents with young daughter select items for digital transfer
  • Incredibly easy and convenient

    It couldn’t be easier to transfer all of your old videos and photos than it is with Magic Memories Box! Simply pack your items into your Magic Memories Box and use the included return shipping label to send it to us.  We will digitize all of your items and send them back to you. Plus, we work with the US Postal Service, so you can schedule a pickup of your box without having to leave your home. It couldn’t be easier.

  • Highest Possible Quality Conversion

    You won’t believe how good your old home movies will look.  Our proprietary capture process has been carefully engineered to optimize the video quality from old analog video formats.  The result is the best quality digital conversion available anywhere.

  • View your media online

    Only Magic Memories Box includes the Magic Memories Cloud.  This online service lets you login and view all of your videos and all of your photos any time you want, from any internet connected device.  Provided at no extra cost, this service is included in the price of your Magic Memories Box.  See how it works here.

  • DVD and Photo Prints

    If you want any of your videos on DVD, or prints of any of your photos, you can order them any time from our Magic Memories Cloud.  There is no need to know how many discs  you want, or what you want prints of when you send your media off to be digitized.  After it has been digitized you can view everything online, then select what you would like on DVD or what prints you would like.

  • Fast and Affordable

    Other digitizing services can take more than two months to process your media and will charge nearly $300 for just ten items! We think this is absolutely crazy to charge that much and ask customers to wait so long.  Our digitizing service is highly streamlined and optimized, allowing us to keep the costs low while processing most media within a week after receiving it.