Magic Memories Cloud

Magic Memories Cloud storage for analog media.
  • What is the Magic Memories Cloud?

    The Magic Memories Cloud is an online storage platform for storing and saving all of the media you get digitized through the Magic Memories Box service.  With the Magic Memories Cloud you can login and access all of your content, any time you want, from any device with an internet connection and a web browser.

  • The Problem

    Other services that will digitize your home videos and photos will often send you a DVD or some kind of memory device.  While this may be desirable at times, most people who choose to have their stuff digitized do so because they don’t want to hold on to disorganized boxes of video tapes and photographs.  Replacing boxes of tapes and prints with boxes of discs and drives doesn’t do a lot to fix the problem of clutter, and you still have to dig through boxes and find the right disc if you ever want to view your media.  Also, how many people still have DVD players anyway?

  • The Solution

    The solution to the problems listed above is to store all of your media online, in the cloud, where you can access it any time on any device with a web browser.  When you have us digitize your media, we put your content straight on to your private Magic Memories Cloud so you don’t have to worry about managing discs, drives, downloads, or uploads.  We handle everything.

  • How much does it cost?

    This is the best part- There is no extra charge for the Magic Memories Cloud!  The price is built into the cost of the Magic Memories Box, so when you buy a Magic Memories Box, the price you pay includes a lifetime of cloud storage for your digitized media.  Unlike other cloud services that charge you monthly or annually for ongoing access to your content, with the Magic Memories Cloud you can always login and watch your videos, view your photos, and download your content.

  • What if you want a DVD or USB drive?

    If you do need a DVD, USB drive, or would like prints of your photos, we are happy to do that.  You can order discs, USB drives, and prints of your media from your Magic Memories Cloud account.