Customer Referral Program

You earn while saving your customers’ money

How it works

You get a special coupon code to share with your clients.  When your client uses your unique coupon code to purchase a Magic Memories Box they will enjoy a substantial discount and you will get paid a referral fee.

Benefits for your clients-

  • Your clients will enjoy an exclusive discount on their Magic Memories Box. This is a unique discount that is only available through our referral partners and not available to the general public.
  • Our transfer process will save your clients’ media at the highest possible quality.  We use proprietary signal processing electronics to ensure everything is captured in outstanding quality.
  • All the material we digitize is stored on our Magic Memories Cloud. Your clients pay once, for the cost of a Magic Memories Box, and their media gets stored on the cloud forever.  They can login through their free cloud account to enjoy their content any time they want, on any internet connected device.
  • Because we offer cloud storage at no extra cost, your clients will be able to get rid of their boxes of videotapes and photographs, knowing that all the material will be accessible anytime they want online.  They will be able to actually free up space, unlike other digitization services that simply turn videotapes into DVDs that must still be stored somewhere.

Benefits for you-

  • You get paid simply by having your clients use your unique coupon code.  No extra effort is required on your part.
  • There is no risk for you.  We simply pay you for referrals.  You never have to pay anything.
  • Your unique coupon code will give your clients savings greater than what is available to the public.  This gives your clients one more reason to hire you, as you will be able to save them money by offering them this discount.
  • Help your clients get ride of clutter.  We are the only digitization service that offers cloud storage by default, at no extra cost.  Every other service sends back some additional form of media, such as disks or USB drives, that will need to be stored somewhere.

If you are interested in joining our referral program, please use the contact form on this page to get the process started.

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