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1. Locate your Box Code and PIN

Locate your Box Code and PIN that are on the printed instructions included in your Magic Memories Box.  Make a note of these, as you will need them both to access your media after it has been digitized.

2. Pack your items

Apply a bar code item label to each item you wish to have digitized. If your item is a set of photographs, place the photos in one of the provided envelopes and place the item label on the outside of the envelope. Remember, an item is a single video tape or a set of 30 photographs.

Once all your items are labeled, carefully pack them in your Magic Memories Box. You may need to use additional packing material to make sure your items are secure during transit.

3. Ship your box

Place the included return shipping label on your Magic Memories Box so that it completely covers the shipping label that was used when the box was shipped to you. You may scan the QR code on the return shipping label to schedule a pick-up of your box or to find the nearest drop off location.

4. View your content online

If you haven’t done so already, sign up for a free Magic Memories Cloud account at – Once logged into your cloud account, click on the “Add New Box” button and use the Box Code and PIN provided above to connect this box with your account.

Once your content has been digitized, you will be able to view it online and download copies. You can also order a DVD of your videos, or prints of your photos.

Because we work with the U.S. Postal Service, you can schedule a pickup of your Magic Memories Box from home.

You can do this on your phone, by scanning the QR code on the return shipping label, or you can contact you local post office and ask about scheduling a package pickup.  There is no extra charge for this service.

Yes! Once we have digitized all of your items we will send the originals back to you.

When you purchase a Magic Memories Box you will get a shipping box, what we call a Magic Memories Box, to pack the items you want to have digitized in.  You will also receive a printed set of instructions, item labels to apply to the items you wish to have digitized, envelopes for small items and photos, and a return shipping label to send your items back to us for digitization.

Included in the cost of the Magic Memories Box is online access to view all of your items once they have been digitized via our Magic Memories Cloud.  You can download unlimited copies of your items from the Magic Memories Cloud, or, if you wish, purchase prints of your photos or copies of your videos on DVD.

By default, we won’t automatically send you any copies of your items on DVD.  Once all of your items have been digitized, you can access them on the Magic Memories Cloud, which is included in the price you already paid for your Magic Memories Box.

From the Magic Memories Cloud you can download as many copies of your items as you would like.  If you would prefer to get a copy of a video on DVD, or prints of your photos, you can order these from the Magic Memories Cloud.

We’re sorry that the quality of the digital transfer of your items wasn’t up to your expectations.

We have developed a proprietary digital transfer system to digitize NTSC format video at the highest possible quality, but the quality of that digitization is still limited by the quality of the original items.  For a best case digital transfer, we would be using the original camera tapes that are in excellent condition and were recorded with a high-quality camcorder.

Our transfer system is designed to make the most out of the original analog signal that was recorded on the tape.  We can not bring back information or detail that doesn’t exist in that signal.

The following circumstances will often result in poor quality video-

  • Tapes that are especially worn or old
  • Tapes that have been exposed to moisture
  • Tapes that were recorded in LP or SLP mode
  • Tapes that themselves were transfers or dubs from another media source.

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